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About Savita Buildwell

SAVITA BUILDWELL Pvt. Ltd in Bihar and Jharkhand has set various quality standards and quality makers for other BUILDWELL to follow the race, if they want excel in real state business.

Mr. Mritunjay Kumar, the Managing Director of SAVITA BUILDWELL Pvt. Ltd. Believes and says that the average Indian Customer has an inbuilt instict of buying the best quality product at the most competitive price. So, if one has to excel in the real estate development business, then one has to be true to the quality aspects.

  • The quality aspect is not only Quality of construction of that of flat but also
  • The quality of marketing and presentation.
  • The quality of purchase of raw material.
  • The quality of after sale service
  • The quality of customer relationship

Definitely one has to be very fair in dealing with the prospective buyer. SAVITA BUILDWELL Pvt. Ltd is famous for all the above qualities and the best aspect is that it does not reserve choicest and prime locations of flats for future premium as well as other locations of flats are free for sale on first come first serve basis. This is one of the main reasons for achieving good marketability, good response and nice goodwill of customers.

The other quality standard fixed by SAVITA BUILDWELL Pvt Ltd is of fixed pricing. All the customers of SAVITA BUILDWELL know they shall not be cheated. They feel they will not be cheated. They feel they will not have to use influence to bargain the prices. The motto of SAVITA BUILDWELL is “ Even if a child enquires a price, he gets the same quotation as anybody else”

SAVITA BUILDWELL has also a unique distinction of using and reviving the dying art artistry of India by using it into real estate business. Even the ‘kumhars ‘of Patna are merrily chumming out ‘Chukkars’ in lakhs for SAVITA BUILDWELL to be used in heat proofing of top slab