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Is it advisable to buy an existing house of have one built?

Building your own house offers many advantages. It gives you the flexibility to plan an efficient and beautiful home as per your requirement with the help an architect. Building your own home can also be very rewarding. You may save more money building your home in fact home building is a great learning experience. After locating your land contact and can also provide initial site evaluation service. Your construction costs can vary signification depending on many factors, including your region, site, design and local construction activity.

Why do concrete foundation cast very recently start cracking?

The chief reasons for a cracked slab or cracked foundation is soil movement. Earth can sink under a foundation for several reasons, including insufficient compacting and void being created by underground water flows. Conversely, certain soils become so expansive when wet that they swell enough to lift and crack a foundation. Crack can also be caused incorrect cement mixture, lack of sufficient reinforcing wire or bars or poor site preparation.

Does the agreement for sale have to be registered?

The agreement for sale between the builder and purchase has to be registered as required by the law of the land. One must register within four months from at the office of the sub-registrar appointed by the state government under the relevant registration Act.

How to prevent damp in roof and walls?

Meet construction chemical manufacture who has their own systems like Fosroc, Sika, Cico, Pidilite, Sahara, Caltech etc.